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Canada Metal - Global supplier of lead and metal products

Canada Metal

Hospitals depend on lead for radiation protection. Industries depend on lead for sound reduction.

With 125 years of experience, companies depend on Canada Metal to supply lead products. Canada Metal has been a leader in designing, manufacturing and installing specialized lead products to the medical sector, the manufacturing industry and the nuclear power generating system.

Working closely with clients such as Bombardier, Corus, City of Winnipeg, Nelco, Quebec Cartier Mining, Nuclead, The Neutrino Project, AECL, and several universities across Canada and the USA, we develop and customize products to meet ongoing changes in the work environment.


We provide lead products for:

  • Corrosion protection (tank linings)
  • Radiation  shielding ( nuclear power generating)
  • Radiation protection for hospitals, clinics and labs
  • Atmospheric gamma shielding (security scanning systems )
  • Sound reduction in commercial/ residential buildings and equipment rooms
  • Ballast and counterweights for heavy equipment, trucks, ships, elevators, helicopters, aircraft, etc.
  • Plating anodes
  • Roofing (flashing)

Product categories include:

  • Lead items: sheets, bricks, pipes, extrusions, castings, lead jars, plating anodes, grid anodes, etc...
  • Lead related products such as welding flux, dry tinning compound
  • Babbitts
  • Marine Anodes (Zinc and Aluminum)
  • Solder
  • Brazing Rods
  • Flux and Paste Compounds
  • Copper & Brass Rods
  • Treater Anodes (Zinc and Aluminium)
  • Low Melt Alloys
  • Plumbing Stubs and Bends, Waste Pipe


Tailored Services

  • Lead Filling
  • Lead Welding
  • Lead Burning
  • Lead Extrusion
  • Custom Fabrication